What is VAT and which price do I pay?

VAT is a tax that is only applied to orders being shipped within the European Union (EU). VAT is removed at the final checkout stage for orders going to the USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

On each product page there are two prices. EU customers will pay the (inc VAT) price while our customers from the USA and all other countries pay the lower (ex Vat) price.

Currency Convertor

The currency convertor can be used as an approximate guide. All orders will be charged in Euros and the conversion is handled by your banking institution.

Why choose a safety razor?

With the correct preparation a safety razor coupled with the right blade will deliver an exceptional shave far superior to that of their modern day equivalents. The benefits exceed just providing a close shave it also leaves the skin in better condition and can help eliminate problems such as ingrown hairs and razor bumps. A safety razor will cleanly cut the beard on the surface of the skin instead of tugging and cutting beneath the surface which can cause infection and ingrown hairs. They are quality substantial tools built to last a lifetime.

Which safety razor?

There are a few variations of safety razor. The most common and popular choice is the standard “Closed Comb” safety razor. Notable closed comb models include the Merkur 34c, Merkur Progress, Futur and Mühle R89 or R106. All these razors are used by experienced wet shavers and also lend themselves very well to beginners.
“Open Comb” (aka Rake Head) and “Slant Bar” razors are slightly more aggressive and generally speaking are more suited to the more experienced shaver. More of the blade is exposed to the skin in the right hands they can deliver an excellent close shave and are suitable to those with tougher beards.

Which brush?

Lathering with a shaving brush has many benefits. Using a brush encourages good preparation allowing the lather to be well worked into the beard while softening and lifting the bristles providing the basis for a great shave. There are two main types of brush to consider boar bristle and badger hair. Boar shaving brushes offer excellent performance and value. They lather creams and especially soaps very well. Badger shaving brushes are considered to be softer, more luxurious and the unique properties of the badger hair lend themselves very well to wet shaving. There are many grades of badger hair the highest and most expensive is commonly referred to as “Silvertip”. Silvertip badger brushes are typically hand crafted and retain the natural, soft tapering hair tips without any clipping.

Straight Razors

Straight razors require a high level of skill and maintenance to master. However it is not a black art and it is a skill that can be acquired through careful practice and caution. Straight razors require regular stropping to help keep the cutting edge smooth and sharp. If the edge becomes too dull and gives a subpar shave it may require honing (sharpening) to make it shave ready once again. Razors can be sent away for honing by a specialist or else this can be attempted with the correct set of water stones. A well maintained straight will deliver a fantastic shave and many find the ritual for shaving with and maintaining an open razor very therapeutic.