Proraso Red Sandalwood Pre Post Shave Cream

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Proraso Red Sandalwood Pre and Post Shaving Cream will condition the skin and soften the beard. This allows the razor to pass without irritating the skin. Proraso sandalwood can be used as a pre shave and also has excellent calming properties for post shave use. Proraso shaving products are made in Italy.

  • 100 ML pot
  • Contains Sandalwood Oil
  • Leading brand used in many Italian barbers
  • Calms the skin
  • Can be used in both preparation for shaving or as an aftershave balm


  • 5
    Good Preshave cream

    Posted by Tom on 11th Jul 2016

    I love using this preshave cream. My Second tub, First one lasted 6 months using it every day. Wanted the same again. Fast delivery.

  • 5
    Does a great job and smells fantastic

    Posted by Davor T. on 25th May 2016

    I'd previously used Proraso Green, but menthol was too strong for my taste. Went for Sandalwood this time, encouraged by stellar reviews, and it proved to be a great choice! The smell is very masculine and elegant, while the cream does just a fantastic job prepping the skin for a shave.

  • 4
    Great as post shave cream

    Posted by Dan on 20th Feb 2016

    Having been keen to try the Red Proraso line of products, I was not disappointed when I used this for the first time. I use it along with the Red cream so as to match the scents. The sandalwood scent is very natural and fragrant and lasts for quite a while afterwards. The texture and consistency of this cream is different to the white and green pre/post creams, being creamy and buttery compared to the stiffer texture of the others. The combination of the sandalwood and shea butter is fantastic at cooling and relieving skin after shaving. A small amount of cream goes a long way and too much can feel slightly greasy. I can only comment on this as a post shave cream, as I wouldn't use it as a pre-shave. But like all of the Proraso products it is excellent quality.

  • 5
    Fantastic Product

    Posted by Walt on 29th Jan 2016

    This is excellent to use after shaving especially with the Proraso Red shaving cream. It will last for ages too.

  • 5
    Best pre shave around

    Posted by Gaz on 27th Jan 2016

    Love Proraso as a brand and this pre shave is top of the range. Great scent and the best pre shave I've had.

  • 5
    Best Pre/Post Shave Cream:

    Posted by Bruce on 31st Dec 2015

    I buy the barbers size green menthol pre/post shave cream for use before shaving soap application. Guarantees every hair is softened for least damage to the shaving blade. This RED sandlewood pre/post cream I reserve for using as a moisturizer after the shave. The karite and shea butters are the absolute best in moisturization after the shave. Restores and maintains the skin after the daily exfoliation. I wouldn't be without the green for pre-shave. I wouldn't be without the red for post-shave!! has the very best prices for these creams that I've found. Great service to the states also!

  • 5
    Beautiful product

    Posted by Ray Morrissey on 7th Sep 2015

    Was a great shaving experience and love the sandalwood scent, five stars!! Prompt delivery too!! Perfect

  • 5
    As good as the menthol, with a different smell!

    Posted by Brian on 6th Aug 2015

    Just started this one after a couple of tubs of the Proraso menthol. Works just as well, but with a lovely sandalwood scent for a change. Recommend!

  • 5
    Very smooth

    Posted by Tim o'Regan on 27th May 2015

    I have used the green Proraso and was never a big fan as there was to much menthol. I tried this one only recently and it is excellent. I used it with the Proraso sandalwood with Shea Butter shaving cream. Excellent combination.