Shaving Brushes

Our shaving brush selection is composed of the best shaving brushes from around the world. We offer 3 main types of shaving brushes. The most traditional of them all are badger shaving brushes. For many years badger hair has been the choice of the finest brush makers. Badger retains water and heat very well and is suitable for creating a luxurious lather while being gentle on the skin. Boar is a popular alternative hair for a shaving brush. It is more cost effective yet can offer soft tips with a little more stiffness than badger hair. This extra backbone can is favoured by some shavers. Lastly a more modern form of synthetic hair has been used in the shaving brush industry. Synthetic fibres aim to mimic the characteristics of badger and are certainly now at the stage where they are a very viable alternative. Synthetic brushes have the added advantages of being animal friendly and they dry much faster than the alternatives. Performance wise synthetic brushes are superb offering a nice balance of softness and backbone for the perfect shaving experience.