Bic Chrome Platinum DE Blades 100 Pack

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100 Bic Chrome Platinum Blades DE blades made from stainless steel come in packs of 5 blades. The razor blades are triple honed with a polymeric and platinum coating and a Teflon treatment. These blades are manufactured in Greece.



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    Sharp as Feather blades!

    Posted by Guest Shaver on 26th Jul 2022

    Sharp blade that gets sharper with more uses. See the refined shaving website sharpness chart. BIC blade starts as sharp as a Feather blade on its second/third shave. Then the BIC blade gets sharper later, as sharp as a Feather on its first use, which is the sharpest value reached in the entire comparison. There needs to be some international standard test to measure blade sharpness after first, second, third use. Ideally it should be test a fresh blade out of the packet. Then use that blade for a shave, only that one side out of four. Then test the blade a second time. Then shave a second time with that same side. And test a third time. Then shave a third time. And monitor the comments from the user about smoothness, feedback from alum etc.