Bloc Osma Alum Block Post Shave Treatment

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Bloc Osma Alum block is a natural mineral which has been used as an after shave treatment for many years. It's natural antiseptic and astringent properties have a soothing effect. Simply wet the stone and gently rub on the skin after shaving.

  • Premium Alum Block
  • Genuine Osma Labs
  • Made in France since 1957
  • 75g


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    Bloc Osma Alum

    Posted by Nigel on 29th May 2021

    This product is something I wish that I'd discovered many years ago. It should widely used by everyone. All those years of putting up with razor burn, nicks and accidental cuts would have been so much easier to cope with. Magically, it seals all the little cuts and nicks, stopping the bleeding. Now, as an experienced and mature adult self shaver using a safety razor I find this Bloc Osma Alum invaluable. It's incredibly easy to use. Just wet it under the tap and rub all over your face. There is no scent, no grease, cream or any deposit left on your face. It really works quite magically. I have no hesitation in recommending it. It's also a handy size, smaller than a bar of soap and a vital inclusion not only for regular shaving but for traveling with too. I'd never be without it. I'll give it 10/10

  • 5

    Posted by Mykolas on 5th Mar 2021

    Great price, lasts ages.

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    Great post shave product

    Posted by Danny on 8th Jul 2019

    Nice and soothing but slippery when wet so handle with care

  • 5
    Should be in every wet shaver's pantry

    Posted by Shanno on 15th Aug 2017

    First time alum block user, and it is great for reducing irritation, and closing up any nicks. Handle carefully so you don't drop it.

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    Alum diddle idle id-alum diddle eye

    Posted by J on 28th Nov 2016

    I would advise you not to drop this on the bathroom floor. Nonetheless, this is a must-have. Great for reducing irritation after shaving.

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    Best shaving product ever

    Posted by Dave on 17th Oct 2016

    This product is a pure class, first time to buy it, discovered it earlier this summer while having a shave in Turkey. If you have any issues with razor bump/burn any bleeding . Its an absolute essential part of my shaving kit now

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    Great for beginners

    Posted by Mark on 30th Dec 2015

    I am not experienced in the art of shaving, and I have only started using a DE razor last week and bought this with it. I must say, I wish I had discovered this sooner as it is suitable with any shaving razor used. I still have acne on my face, and as a result I do bleed. However now I can apply this and keep going. I must point out that at times it does sting a little, but only for a very short time so it's not a big deal. I also have read a review that said it stopped spots from growing. Worth a try if you ask me

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    Necessary after shave item

    Posted by Steve on 1st May 2015

    A great means of hygiene required by each.

  • 5
    Should have got this years ago!

    Posted by Brendan on 13th Oct 2014

    Excellent product and since I've got it, it is an essential part of my shaving regime. I love using it after my shave. I always had a bit of shaving rash on my part of my neck for years. Since I used this product it has simply vanished!