Feather Hi Stainless Platinum Razor Blades

Feather DE Blades
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Made by the Feather Safety Razor Co in Japan these are the ultimate razor blades for sharpness. Described by some as the "assassins blade" of double edged safety razor blades. This blade is great for more experienced users.

  • Made in Japan
  • Hi Stainless Platinum
  • Packs of 10 blades


  • 5
    Best blade!

    Posted by Vitali on 25th Mar 2016

    Best blade!

  • 5
    Very good and sharp

    Posted by Simon on 17th Mar 2016

    Nice product. Best blade with a good razor.

  • 5
    Closest Shave Short of a Straight Edge!

    Posted by Larry P on 2nd Feb 2016

    Some complain the Feather blades are TOO SHARP! Nonsense, there is no such thing as too sharp. These blades are indeed sharp, that is what you want in a razor blade, and they are smooth. I get 5 to 6 two to three pass shaves on a blade and could easily push it to another two shaves.

  • 5
    Sharp Blades and Sharp Service

    Posted by @writerjobrien on 26th Aug 2015

    As for the blades they are excellent, being Japanese steel they are really sharp, like Katana, and require some care in your technique, let the blade do the work. I use them with a Merkur 1904 and Taylor Eton College Cream with very hot water and they give me a great shave. It enjoy them every time I shave. Recommended but maybe not for those starting out with double edge razors.

  • 5
    Risk of fission

    Posted by Professor Frink on 25th Aug 2015

    These blades are sharp enough to split the atoms on your face and leave a mushroom cloud over your sink.

  • 5
    Pure Joy!!

    Posted by Larry on 1st Jul 2015

    An absolute pleasure to use the Feather blades; they are incredibly sharp, smooth and long lasting. I read peoples reviews that state they are too sharp, nonsense! There is no such thing. If you think so, examine your technique. Others state they get only 2 or 3 shaves from a blade, not me, I am getting 7 shaves; equal to what I get on other great blades. Give the Feathers a try, you will be impressed.

  • 5
    Simply the best

    Posted by Henry on 16th Jun 2015

    For me the feather blades are simply the best. Shaving.ie is a five stars service.

  • 4
    sharp and flexible

    Posted by Vlad on 11th Mar 2015

    Good sharp blade gives very comfortable shave

  • 5
    The very best one

    Posted by Rade on 6th Feb 2015

    I'am new in DE shaving and in last few weeks I saw many good reviews about Feather and now have chance to try them. Believe me, nothing can compare with these blades. Till now I tried 5 brands of blades. This is the best one.