Floid Aftershave The Genuine Italian Lotion

Floid Genuine Splash
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Floid aftershave in its original genuine form has a vintage authentic barbershop scent. Floid aftershave comes in a large 400ml quality glass bottle with a illustrative design. The Genuine after shave leaves your skin feeling refreshed and powdery smooth.

  • Italian Version
  • Newest Formulation 2021
  • Updated Bottle
  • Contains Menthol
  • Optional barbershop atomizers are available to fit this bottle
  • Floid Aftershave Lotion "The Genuine" 400ml


  • 5
    Floid aftershave.

    Posted by Robbie on 28th Sep 2016

    Discovered this product in Italy some time back, found same on the shaving.ie web-site. Great product not over powering in any way. Highly recommend a purchase.

  • 5
    3rd Floid aftershave

    Posted by Gaz on 26th Jan 2016

    This is my 3rd Floid aftershave, I also have the Blue & Vigaroso. The Genuine is on par with the other 2, a fantastic aftershave. Not as much menthol as the Vigaroso which some might prefer. It dries down great and leaves a fantastic smell as do all my Floids. It's great value as are all Floid products and Floid aftershaves will always be top of my list, best aftershaves in the world in my opinion.

  • 5
    One of the best After Shaves

    Posted by MP on 22nd Sep 2013

    Floid is the best value for money, the quality is unbeatable, and its scent will catch almost everyone.

  • 4
    Great Product!

    Posted by fingers mcginty on 22nd Sep 2013

    I was surprised how big the bottle was when it arrived. Great value. Mine seems to last forever. I have the atomiser also.

  • 5
    A Real Man

    Posted by Buddy on 22nd Sep 2013

    Floid Amber is a real man’s sent. This stuff is awesome. I use to have my relatives bring me a bottle when they came in from Italy, but now I buy it here, from an Irish web site. It feels so good on my face after a shave and it has a fantastic type barber shop smell from back in the day; women love it and so do I.

  • 5
    buy it

    Posted by M on 22nd Sep 2013

    Don't even think about it. Buy it. You will love it. Trust me. This one is more for autumn-winter, the blue one for spring-summer. it is extremely refreshing, once you put it you think your skin is "burning" 60 seconds later you feel truly amazing...

  • 5

    Posted by Barrys on 22nd Sep 2013

    Gets a thumbs up from my Mrs so thats always a good start. Very classic scent with a bit of a menthol kick, certainly isn't overwhelming which is always good. The bottle is massive so its great value for money!

  • 5
    Straight from the Barber. A refined scent.

    Posted by S. Murphy on 22nd Sep 2013

    A very smooth and classic scent, Geraniol and Musk, with a menthol kick once applied to freshly shaved skin. The scent from the neck of the bottle is a golden musk like Barber scent, which changes when applied to a freshly shaved face. A menthol kick comes up from underneath and braces you after a shave. There's a 'powdery' Musk scent that lingers, without overwhelming you, or others close by! Very very smooth and classic. The bottle has a dropper like hole which allows you to splash the product into your hand without any waste. The bottle itself is impressive, a full 400ml, with a thermal printed (directly onto the glass) logo and text. An elegant bottle for any bathroom. Braces the skin, leaves you with a great scent after a shave, looks great.. and just shy of half a litre for the price, what more could you want?