Floid Citrus Spectre Deodorant Stick

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Floid Citrus Spectre Deodorant Stick is a premium deodorant product enriched with magnesium salts sourced from the Dead Sea. These magnesium salts are known for their natural and sustainable qualities, making them exceptionally gentle on the skin and respectful of the skin microbiome. The product's unique absorbent properties effectively shield against perspiration without clogging skin pores, ensuring that you stay comfortably dry throughout the day. Plus, you can trust that it won't leave any unsightly stains on your clothing.

Floid Citrus Spectre Deodorant Stick boasts a revitalizing and invigorating fragrance. It combines the zesty and uplifting essence of citrus with more profound and enveloping notes, including patchouli, oakmoss, and ambergris. This harmonious blend creates an aromatic experience that keeps you feeling refreshed and confident.

For best results, apply Floid Citrus Spectre Deodorant Stick to clean, dry skin. This deodorant is suitable for daily use, thanks to its exceptional absorbent capabilities. It offers a lasting sensation of dryness, making it an ideal choice to help you stay comfortable and odor-free throughout your day.

  • 75ml Twist Tube
  • Floid Citrus Spectre Deodorant Stick
  • Made in Italy