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GFT Limes Skin 100
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Geo F Trumper West Indian Extract of Limes skin food feeds and seals the skin. Used pre shave it helps to soften the beard and allows the razor to comfortably glide over the skin. Post shave it nourishes, calms and seals the skin absorbing quickly without any oily residue. The scent of Geo F Trumper Limes is refreshing and revitalising.

  • 100ml
  • A small amount of skin food goes a very long way


  • 5
    Great pre and after shave

    Posted by Derek casey on 30th Mar 2021

    Lovely smell and light texture great for pre shave and after shave

  • 4
    Love this product

    Posted by Ian Wilson on 1st Nov 2017

    Refreshing post shave lotion and relatively good value for money.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Marcin on 4th Feb 2016

    Great scent, superb skin moisturising. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Very Bright

    Posted by DPC on 16th Apr 2015

    This is very fresh and fragrant and really wakes one up in the morning. I bought this as a natural progression after trying the GFT Lime shaving cream which was a winner. That was very nice and loved by myself as well as my newly wet-shaving 15 year old son. If a teenager praises a shaving product then it must be a winner! This product is very bright and moisturizing, and works well with both the Lime or Coconut-scented products. Very nice for the warmer months. I will definitely buy again!

  • 5
    excellent product

    Posted by patrick on 30th Mar 2015

    i moved from nivia sensitive to this on the advice of a colleague. gives excellent moisturising and calming after my shave.

  • 5
    Outstanding Lime post shave

    Posted by Dario on 26th Jan 2015

    A very very good product: amazing value for money post shave. High protection and beautiful scent.

  • 4
    Feels good post shave

    Posted by Jack on 22nd Sep 2013

    This product performs well in calming the skin post shave, (haven't used it pre shave) however the scent is very faint (almost non existent post application) so if you're looking for a product that has both these qualities, you may wish to look elsewhere.

  • 5
    A top quality post shave moisturiser

    Posted by Ian Murphy on 22nd Sep 2013

    From the first time of using this product i have been very impressed and i genuinely believe it is great value for money. It is a fabulous post shave moisturiser, leaving your skin non-greasy or tacky to the touch. I have personally found you need very little to condition your skin compared to other leading manufacturers. I have been using this product post shave, daily for the best part of four weeks and have barely dented the bottle. In that time i have rotated blades and razors and the Skin Food has performed admirably with some quite aggressive shaves. The scent is subtle and wears off quite quickly but it is lovely smell while it lasts. I personally find it too subtle and i would prefer a slightly stronger, longer lasting smell but this is a very minor criticism to an otherwise fantastic product which is primarily intended to moisturise and protect your skin. Definitely recommended as part of any gentlemen's post shave routine.

  • 5

    Posted by Greg on 22nd Sep 2013

    I have really sensitive skin and just shaved with a safety razor for the very first time. I got LOTS of cuts and blood all over the place (hopefully this will improve over time). But I kept shaving thinking that this bottle of skin food would make it all good again at the end. And sure enough, it did. Cold water and a dime of this creamy (yes its not pure liquid) made it all better. No scratching, no cut marks, no irritation. The smell is nice but unfortunately disappears really quickly. Oh well.. Definitely recommend. Ml for ml its the same price as the Proraso aftershave balm if you buy the 200ml.