Merkur 15c Open Comb Razor

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The Merkur 15c is the ideal choice for an introduction to open comb safety razors and suitable for beginners. This particular model gives a very mild shave and is not too aggressive. The 15c features a slender handle and is slightly lighter in weight than the HD razors.



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    Pleasure to use

    Posted by Michael G on 22nd Sep 2013

    A nice well-balanced razor and easy to use for someone (like me) coming from a closed-comb. It does need to be used gently. I have found that it works well with a Feather blade.

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    close shave

    Posted by gerard on 22nd Sep 2013

    Had my first open comb safety razor shave tonight. I am very impressed because it was a very close shave 10 times better than my fusion disposables.