Merkur 25c Open Comb Safety Razor

Merkur 25c
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The Merkur 25c aka "The Classic" open comb razor has a long slim line etched handle and the famous Merkur double edge open comb head. Finished off with a flawless chrome plating this is an elegant and stylish razor. Open comb razors are ideal for coarser beard types. Made in Germany.



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    For women

    Posted by Nina on 9th Jun 2017

    Very good razor also for women! Recived my razor very quickly to Slovenia.

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    A good razor for a smooth shave every day.

    Posted by Vladimir on 19th Jul 2015

    I bought Merkur 25C in March 2015. Now, after five months of use I can recommend it as a good razor for clean and smooth shave. Open comb razor shaves the very gently, handle with a good grip even in wet hand. Shaver suitable for beginners, for those with delicate skin and those who shaves every day. Excellent shave in two passes. It works well with many blades (Feather Hi-Stainless blades, Iridium Super Blades, Personna Platinum Chrome, Astra Superior Platinum, Derby Extra, Rapira Platinum.)

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    A good razor shave and a steady hand.

    Posted by Vladimir on 19th Mar 2015

    I ordered this razor for travel, subject to shave once every 3 days. Today I received my order and immediately decided to check the shaver work. Exterior trim razor performed well, chrome performed exactly, without coating defects. Long handle, but more subtle, knurling enough relief for comfortable hold while shaving. Complete with a razor blade test sent Derby Extra, enough for a comfortable shave. Shaved as usual: one run on hair growth and the second pass against the hair growth. The result is very good, shaving quite soft, comfortable and clean. Only moment: it is necessary to control the correct angle well and try not to put pressure on the razor. This razor I liked.

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    Yeah, Mr Unknown is right ...

    Posted by klaus on 22nd Sep 2013

    The Merkur is much better than the 2 Muehles I tried (with closed, resp. open comb). When I bought a Merkur Futur I liked that one better, because it was a bit more aggressive than the 25C, until I learned that you can actually do something about it (google: "shim a razor"), and now the Merkur 25C is my favourite again.