Muhle DE Razor Stand

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This new double edge razor RHMSR stand from Muhle is chrome plated and is the perfect companion for your Muhle safety razor. Pictured with the famed Muhle R89 safety razor this stand is also compatible with the R106, R107, R41, R102 and R101.

  • Height 31mm
  • Diameter 39mm


  • 5

    Posted by Tibor on 18th Mar 2024

    Good quality

  • 5
    Small but perfect.

    Posted by Sean on 24th Apr 2017

    A really great product....does the job great. Sales people react too!!

  • 5
    Holds the razor secure

    Posted by Kostas on 7th Sep 2016

    Very good quality safety razor stand. Keeps the head of the razor at low height avoiding in this way accidental falls. I use it with a 24c razor. The razor should be placed inclined to the jaws and then turned to the vertical position. In this way it remains in the stand secured. The same inclined position should be followed for the release.

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    Good but not universal

    Posted by ST on 11th Mar 2015

    Although it's perfectly made and just ideally fits for Muhle razors, it isn't very good for some other long-handled razors (Merkur 23c for example). Probably the latter is balanced in another way and isn't very stable on the stand.

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    Heavy duty but tiny in size

    Posted by W. Joseph, Los Angeles, CA, USA on 8th Apr 2014

    The Muhle RHMSR DE Razor Stand is tiny in size, and will fit anywhere, even on the narrowest of medicine cabinet shelves. Nonetheless, they are constructed of heavy duty chrome-plated brass, and feel fairly heavy for their size. In fact, at 64 grams they weigh exactly as much as a Muhle R89 or R41 by themselves, which makes for great balance when used. They also fit razors with the Muhle Grande handle and because the weight is distributed and centered downward with the razor's head positioned upside-down and about half-way between the top and bottom of the stand, they will not become top-heavy or unstable when used with a heavier razor of typical length (<110 mm or so).