Muhle Fibre HXG Silver Shave Set

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The Muhle Silver Hexagon shaving set seamlessly blends timeless tradition with contemporary design, presenting a harmonious fusion of classic and modern aesthetics. The Hexagon series captivates with its sleek and precise lines, earning it the esteemed Red Dot Award for its inspiring and sophisticated design.

Included in this matching set are:

Safety Razor: Offering a perfect balance between form and function, the safety razor embodies precision and reliability for a smooth shaving experience.

Silvertip Fibre Brush (21mm knot): Elevating the grooming ritual, the synthetic Silvertip Fibre brush combines modern technology with the luxurious feel of traditional silvertip bristles, ensuring a gentle and effective lather application.

Chrome Stand: A stylish and practical addition, the chrome stand not only complements the set's elegant design but also provides a dedicated space for each component, enhancing both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

The Muhle Silver Hexagon shaving set with a synthetic Silvertip Fibre brush is where tradition meets modern design. The clean crisp lines of the Hexagon series are inspiring and have won the prestigious Red Dot Award.

This set consists of:

  • Safety Razor
  • Silvertip Fibre brush (21mm knot)
  • Chrome Stand