Muhle Kosmo Bog Oak Silvertip Fibre V2

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The Muhle Kosmo Silvertip Fibre shaving brush is a sustainable alternative option to a badger shaving brush. The synthetic silvertip fibres have been specially developed to mimic the properties of badger and the results are impressive. The turned bog oak wood handle looks great with its chrome trimmings.

  • 21mm Knot
  • Silvertip Fibre


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    A great brush, a work of art

    Posted by Paul on 19th Jul 2016

    Previously I had used a Menu brush, and another low cost one that I can't remember. This Muhle brush is a different beast altogether. First, start with presentation: It comes in a lovely satin lined box which was a delight to open, and quite unexpected. It's a shame that I probably won't get any further use of the box, but I'm reluctant to throw it away. The bristles are very soft, and a dream to lather. I have no experience with other premium brushes to compare with but I have no regrets with this. I just hope it lasts and stays this good for a long time. I'll be looking after it to help it!

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    Very Convenient!

    Posted by Mac on 30th Jan 2015

    The Mühle STF creates a superb lather with practically every soap or cream that is out there. Its wooden handle is very nice and not slippery at all when wet. The bristles are much softer when compared to boar or badger. The brush has some backbone though, which might make it a little bit too stiff for certain people. However, it has become one of my favourite brushes and because of its being made of synthetic fibres it takes just a few hours for it to dry.