Muhle R41 Twist Razor

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The Muhle R41 Twist has an ingenious yet simple twist mechanism that allows for a quick change of blade with minimal fuss. The R41 Twist is an open comb headed razor which are typically very capable of shaving even the toughest of beards. The additional mechanism in the handle also adds some additional weight to the handle which is often desired by wet shavers. The chrome finish of Muhle razors is fantastic and the obvious quality craftsmanship will ensure many great shaves.

  • Twist open
  • Easy blade change


  • 5
    Super sharp and aggressive

    Posted by John on 25th Feb 2024

    Super sharp and fairly aggressive the R41 gives a smooth close shave, after reading some reviews saying it was aggressive and to be extra careful, I found it a safe razor to use and I'll be more confident next time. I'm using muhle blades which are fantastic.

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    Excellent shave

    Posted by Luke on 30th Mar 2021

    Quite aggressive but gives a lovely smooth shave with very little irritation once you get used to it. Just go easy and let the razor do the work!

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    Only for pro's

    Posted by A. on 14th Aug 2019

    Stepping away from Edwin Jagger DE89 Chrome to the Muhle R41 Twist Razor... the difference is huge, Muhle R41 is very aggressive and provides me with a much closer shave, the safety razor works best with the feather blades, please be very careful when using and DO not put any extra pressure on the safety razor during shaving.

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    The Best Razor

    Posted by Leo on 17th Aug 2018

    Muhle R41 is the best , most efficient razor I`ve ever shaved with. I have the regular R41 as well and purchased the Twist just to save time when reloading a blade and also for fun. I own about 10 razors and the Muhle R41 to me is head and shoulder above the rest of my razors.

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    Very close shave, easy to handle

    Posted by Ismael P on 20th Jun 2017

    I previously had a Merkur safety razor but I was not satisfied with the shave. I searched for a more "agressive" razor and found the Muhle R41 Twist. So far, I am very impressed with the shave, very close shave. It is not difficult at all to handle, in fact it is very precise and it is easy to find the right angle. The only thing to remember: do not put pressure on it, just the weight of the razor is enough. I am still using the Muhle blade that came with it but I will switch to Feather blades soon. And also, I like the Twist model with a longer handle and the knob to unscrew the top. It makes it even easier to change the blades. So far, I am really satisfied with this razor and I am planning to use it for a long time.

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    Love the twist

    Posted by Lee on 13th Sep 2015

    Love this razor two pass shave and baby butt smooth!!