Muhle Replacement Head R89

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Muhle R89 complete razor replacement head consisting of standard closed comb bottom plate and top plate. The R89 razor head is an exceptional shaver and would improve many razors.


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    Muhle R89 Head Review

    Posted by Marc B. on 31st Aug 2020

    Precision German Engineering describes everything Muhle creates. The chrome is flawless. The shave this provides is smooth and efficient while not being aggressive. The fact that something this perfect can be purchased for around 20 euro is incredible. Buy the R89 head and put any standard sized handle with it I use a heavier stainless handle which can also be purchased on this website

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    Mild but efficient razor head.

    Posted by C.Hudak on 21st May 2015

    I have been shaving with DE razors since 1986. However, I've mostly used vintage Gillette and Rolls Razors. I purchased this Muhle R89. I'm using the R89 with an iKon bamboo styled handle. I'm extremely pleased with the razor head's performance. It is as efficient as a Gillette Adjustable (black handle) on #6 setting, but as mild as a Gillette Tech razor. It appears as if Muhle has updated the Merkur 34C razor head. The R89 has a much more polished finish than the 34C. The R89 also offers a bit of razor feedback on the first pass of shaving. Overall, a great mild but efficient razor head.

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    Best replacement head around. Must buy!!

    Posted by Timothy H on 13th May 2015

    Great replacement heads. Can't beat the price and performance of this razor.

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    Excellent value

    Posted by Jack on 4th May 2015

    I have quite a few safety razor handles and was looking just for the razor head. Muhle is the only manufacturer that offers least for their most popular model. It is the genuine thing.

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    Muhle R89 DE Razor Head

    Posted by Timothy H. on 10th Apr 2015

    After purchasing the R41 OC razor head and I received an amazing close shave, I decided to purchase this R89 closed comb Razor Head. I am very glad I did. Another amazing close shave from an amazing Razor company, MUHLE. Highly recommend buying this razor head. Very beautiful. It is a must for your razor collection or your go to, daily shaver. If you are giving this product less than five stars, maybe you should not be "wet shaving" and go back to the five blade products that cost a lot more.

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    Great shaver

    Posted by ADP on 12th Jan 2015

    The Muhle R89 Grande is a very good smooth shaver. It's beautiful and very well made. I have given it 4 stars only because the Ikon Shavecraft 101 Razor with 100mm SE Handle shaves smoother. As a matter of fact the dual head serves as R89 and R41 combined in a fantastic way.

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    Mhule replacement head

    Posted by Des on 7th Dec 2014

    Great product as are all Muhle products.

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    Smooth, effortless Shave

    Posted by Bob DeAngelis on 7th Sep 2014

    This R89 head seemed to just glide across my face leaving neither a nick nor a cut. I enjoyed mounting it on a Utopia handle for greater heft and feel without adding any significant expense.

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    Classic head.

    Posted by Chris DC on 13th May 2014

    A well designed head which gives a smooth but effective shave. Recommended if you already have an open comb head to expand your shaving possibilities.