Muhle Silvertip Fibre Ivory Brush L 23mm V2

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This ivory coloured shaving brush features fine Silvertip Fibre hairs designed to mimic the properties of a badger shaving brush. The handle is turned and polished from a high grade resin.

  • Large Knot 23mm
  • Silvertip Fibres


  • 5
    So Soft!

    Posted by Maja on 17th Jan 2022

    This is my first brush, so I have nothing to compare it to. But I can certainly say I am very pleased!! The handle is light, smooth and easy to hold. I am not sure if I would enjoy a brush handle entirely made out of metal, but the chrome inlay at the top of this one is certainly a nice touch. And the knot? Lovely! The tips are as soft as a kitten's fur and and —as silly as that may sound — I sometime cannot resist the temptation to reach out and give them a pet before leaving the bathroom. The backbone is pretty good; could be stronger, but it holds shape well enough, with no splaying. As expected of a synthetic brush, it soaks up in no time, lathers well, and then dries up just as quickly after use. It doesn't have any smell, and no hairs will fall out any time soon. I doubt I will ever feel the need to try an animal hair brush in my life. The only complaint I have is that I might enjoy a knot that is just a little bit bigger ... but that is a thought I best not entertain, for this was quite enough spending for my tiny student budget already!

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    The best fibre from MÜHLE

    Posted by Jesper, from Denmark on 11th Nov 2019

    Yes, V2 from MÜHLE, is a little better than V1. The hairs are a little stiffer and the hairs hold better on the water, In my opinion. It is definitely recommended.

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    Best brush I used until now

    Posted by Daniel S on 1st Aug 2014

    This brush combines the benefits of the boar and badger. It has a very nice finish and works wonderfully with soaps. I didn't try it with creams yet. I like the 23 mm large knot, sometime I'll also try the XL version.