REX Ambassador Adjustable Stainless Razor

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The Ambassador by Rex Supply Co. is a premium double-edge safety razor that offers a tailored shaving experience for both closeness and comfort. Crafted by wet shaving enthusiasts, this razor provides full customisation for your shaving needs.


Length: 89mm
Weight: 106g
Blade Gap: 0.012" - 0.052"

When you hold The Ambassador, you will immediately appreciate its exceptional quality. This double-edge safety razor is crafted from marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring maximum durability and ease of use. It boasts a well-balanced weight and features a "Sure Grip" handle for secure handling, even when wet.

The Ambassador offers adjustability, allowing you to find the ideal blade exposure for your skin. Simply turn the integrated dial up or down to adjust the blade gap for a milder or more aggressive shave. It's compatible with any double-edge blade, offering numerous options to fine-tune your shaving experience. After just a few passes, you'll notice the razor effortlessly gliding across your skin, leaving it feeling noticeably soft, clean, and perfectly groomed.

Proudly "Made in the USA" and designed for a lifetime of use, each Ambassador razor comes with a unique serial number and adheres to the classic Gillette® product dating system. It also includes a lifetime warranty, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come. Add The Ambassador to your cart today for a superior shaving experience.