Shave Boutique Horn Satin Fibre Brush

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The Shave Boutique Horn Resin Satin Strand Fibre shaving brush, expertly designed, offers a superior shaving experience comparable to the best silvertip badger hair brushes. Crafted with unique synthetic fibre strands that replicate the luxurious feel and performance of natural hair, this brush provides additional benefits inherent to synthetic materials.

Engineered with satin-soft tips, the fibres ensure a gentle, smooth touch, perfect for sensitive skin. These synthetic strands create a rich, voluminous lather effortlessly, elevating your shaving routine to a luxurious ritual.

One of the brush's standout features is its quick drying time, significantly faster than traditional natural hair brushes. This enhances convenience and extends the brush's lifespan by reducing the risk of mildew and bacteria growth.

Featuring a 24mm knot, the brush strikes a perfect balance between firmness and flexibility. The 52mm loft offers bristles of ideal length for substantial lather while maintaining the right amount of backbone for effective application. The 50mm handle height provides a comfortable grip, ensuring precise control during the shaving process.

Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, the Satin Strand Fibre brush is an excellent choice for those seeking ethical grooming products. It exemplifies The Shave Boutique's commitment to quality and innovation, catering to both traditional shaving enthusiasts and modern users.

  • 24mm Knot
  • 52mm Loft
  • 50mm handle height
  • Vegan Friendly