Simpson Trafalgar T3 Synthetic Fibre

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The Simpson Synthetic Trafalgar T3 is made using specially sourced Sovereign grade fibres embedded into a classic lathe turned handle. This excellent brush dries fast, lathers exceptionally well and feels great on the face. These brushes are made in the Isle of Man and are exceptional value.

  • Total height: 100mm
  • Knot Loft: 50mm
  • Handle Height: 50mm
  • Knot diameter: 26mm

*approximate measurements


  • 5
    Excellent brush

    Posted by Alex. P. on 13th Jul 2022

    New to wet shaving so I don't have another reference point. I just wanted to buy one and be done, without regrets and need to upgrade to get good results. I opted for it due to stellar reviews here and elsewhere. Very soft bristles, great lather directly on face. I imagined it might be too big, seeing that there are 2 smaller versions of it (T1 and T2) but visually and in hand it's absolutely the right size for a shaving brush. I'm happy with my purchase.

  • 5
    Great brush

    Posted by Ray dean on 5th Mar 2021

    Absolutely wonderful brush Great for lathering

  • 5
    Great brush

    Posted by Ray dean on 5th Mar 2021

    Great brush for the price It’s a lather monster

  • 5
    The T3 is the Synth for me!

    Posted by Alan on 1st Jan 2021

    When I got into DE I was a bit of a snob and thought badger or boar was the only way to go when it came to brushes. Well curiosity got the better of me and I had to try a synthetic and Simpson was my first choice because of the high quality of their brush line. Boy oh boy is this a lather machine? It's superb and it has just the right amount of backbone to dish out some serious bubbles but the tips are supersoft. For the mere asking price you may have a friend for life! Try one, you know you want it!

  • 5
    Simpson trafalgar T3 synthetic

    Posted by Munir on 25th Nov 2020

    Incredibly excellent brush

  • 5
    Great brush and amazing value

    Posted by Mark Carmody on 24th Nov 2020

    I was interested in the T3 synthetic from Simpson's as I had heard good things about it. The knot is perfect for both face and bowl lathering, creams and soaps. The fibres are soft but the knot is dense and firm, allowing for loads of soap/cream to be taken in by the fibres. The flow through of lather is excellent and the lathering qualities are simply amazing. The value for money cannot be overstated here. I would highly recommend this brush for someone looking for a top quality synthetic knot, or for simply a top quality shaving brush.