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Experience a smooth and comfortable shave with Tiger Platinum double-edged blades. These flexible interchangeable blades are made by the former manufacturer of Astra blades from the Czech Republic from premium Swedish stainless steel with a high carbon content. The completely German production line contributes to the production of these high-quality razor blades.

The blades coated with platinum and teflon offer the user many advantages that contribute to a pleasantly smooth shaving experience with a minimum of resistance and irritation. These blades maintain a pleasant sharpness for a very long time. 

The razor blades are suitable for all skin types - even very sensitive ones - and for light to heavy beard growth. These blades fit all common safety razors.

These blades are individually wrapped in paraffin wax paper in a pack of 5 to ensure safety, sterility, and durability.

  • 100 Blades