Merkur 37c HD Slant Bar

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The Merkur HD Slant Bar 37c is a beautifully stylish and high quality shaving razor. Slant bar safety razors expose more of the blade making them ideal for tougher beards. Once you master and fine tune your technique these provide the closest and smoothest of shaves. We recommend these particular models to those with a little more experience in using safety razors. Overall this is an excellent product.

  • Chrome finish
  • Slant bar
  • HD Razor



  • 5
    A Great Razor

    Posted by Guest Reviewer on 22nd Oct 2022

    Amazing Razor. This could be the end of a long journey. Yet to find a flaw with this puppy, every blade I put in her works. When I shave the distinction between my technique and the razor is clear. If I get a weep, it's my fault and so I learn. Love it. As for the size debate, it's like playing the world's smallest violin and being very very happy. Enjoy.

  • 5
    Superb piece of kit.

    Posted by A reviewer on 16th Jun 2022

    Performs brilliantly. Much smoother than I expected, makes sense as it slices at an angle across as oppressed to cutting straight down. No drag whatsoever. The first few shaves feel odd due to the shape but that soon passes. If your technique is good the razor will do what it's designed to do.

  • 5
    A close shave

    Posted by Gabe on 17th Jun 2016

    I have used this razor daily for the past six years. With a light touch and the razor leaned well back I get that longed for BBS-shave every time. I use Feather blades. I would not recommend this as a first razor due to its close shave. after six years use the plating shows no signs of wear and the screw works perfectly. It has fallen onto the tiled bathroom floor a few times and has survived without a mark. All in all a durable product.

  • 5
    great for tough beard

    Posted by Alex on 19th Mar 2016

    shaved with the 37c twice now, it's an excellent razor it glides through my tough beard with ease. I have sensitive skin but it didn't leave any burn whatsoever and no nicks. very smooth razor! thanks to for the very fast delivery and a quality product.

  • 4
    Good slant razor

    Posted by Noel on 4th Jan 2016

    Good build quality not aggressive less passes required

  • 4
    Very smooth!

    Posted by Kevin on 23rd Nov 2015

    Very smooth and efficient. its doesn't feel aggressive at all. The build quality is not very good tough. (Muhle razors are like a piece of art compared to this).

  • 5
    Great slant razor!

    Posted by Frode on 9th Jul 2015

    Smooth shaves with one less pass. Not aggressive at all. Love it!

  • 5
    merkur 37c

    Posted by billy on 4th Feb 2015

    Great razor cutting action amazing and no irritation not aggressive try it you won't be disappointed

  • 5
    Very nice slanted razor

    Posted by Bram on 26th Jan 2015

    Very nice razor, nice finishing and blade alignment. Shaves mild/aggressive. Nice balance and great comfortable shaves.