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The satin chrome Merkur Futur is an adjustable safety razor. This Merkur safety razor features a snap on head making it simple and quick to replace blades. The unique modern design of the Futur is finished off in matt chrome. When set at one the Futur provides a milder shave which is ideal for learning and initially developing the correct shaving technique. Adjusting to higher numbers makes the shave more aggressive to achieve an even closer shave.

  • Matt Satin Chrome


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    Go for Gold

    Posted by Guest Reviewer on 22nd Oct 2022

    Yep, was lucky to get the gold when it was sold here. Great piece of kit. Thought I was wise shaving once a week on setting 6, second passing on 1... I guess the scenarios that these adjustments cover are well beyond my simple week of facial growth (moustaches, locks, heads, legs etc.) Well, hindsight is a great thing. The futur is an amazing mower it will not clog and is very reluctant to hurt you. It is beautifully made and very nicely styled. The clue is probably in the fact that the head is not really conducive to navigating around nostrils. There is a lot of exposure at almost all settings :) and it takes a toll on my skin at least. Very happy with my 37c now tbvh, far less fuss and less skin irritation. As my hair diminishes it may come out of the drawer....

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    Great adjustable razor

    Posted by Martin S on 18th Dec 2021

    This is now my go to daily razor. The adjustable settings are particularly easy to use allowing me greater flexibility in my shaving routine. It's quite heavy, which I like but some people may find not to their taste. Great design that combines good looks with functionality.

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    Beautiful razor

    Posted by H Bradshaw on 3rd Sep 2021

    Bought this razor after a lot of research and I love it. Being able to to adjust the setting is a big plus. Depending on what blade you use you may want to adjust the aggression of the razor. The Futur does this beautifully.

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    Simply the best

    Posted by Mark Dunne on 15th May 2019

    An amazing razor made from the finest German steel. I simply can't live without it!

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    Posted by Sergei on 27th Mar 2018

    excellent machine. It is necessary to get used to weight and do pressure lightly.

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    Great shave

    Posted by Paddy on 25th May 2017

    Hi all. I was using a edwin jagger before this for about a year. Its a great razor but i broke it so i decided to get the futur. The first shave i had was good but bloody. I left it at the six setting and i held it wrong. The next shave i had the right grip. I started with setting five for the first pass and three for the second and one for the last. Now i like a very close smooth face after a shave. The futur will give you that and more. Dont add any pressure to your stroke as its heavy already. Id advise to hold the razor in the notch of the handle and start with a high setting and work down. Id also heat the razor before you shave as its steel. And please make sure your hands are dry when changing the setting as you will slip and get a cut. Im thrilled with it. The best shave i ever got. This includes going to a barber. And thanks to for a quick delivery as always.

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    Smooth as a....

    Posted by Ivan on 18th Feb 2016

    Got one of these for my birthday. Was using an old Wilkinson Sword until then. All I can say is best shave ever!

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    Great razor

    Posted by Brian on 1st Jul 2015

    I really like this razor. I initially bought a starter pack with an Edwin Jagger razor. It worked pretty well but I was constantly nicking my lower neck. What I really like about this razor is that I can set it to 1 for my lower neck and then set it to 3 or 4 for my upper face. I find the handle a bit too smooth but apart from that I would highly recommend.

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    Posted by colm on 26th Jan 2015

    Not as good as the 34c but it will do.