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Moon Soaps’ Astoria shaving soap is a traditional tallow-based wet shaving soap that is inspired by the movie “The Goonies” and the Oregon coastline. The scent is a woodsy-aquatic that will give the feeling of the outdoors delivered in a masculine cologne. The soap formulation is incredibly slick and will give a close and comfortable shave.

Astoria is a complex, aquatic-woodsy scent with an evergreen crispness that will give you the feeling of being in a forest of Douglas Fir on the Oregon coast where a cool, brisk breeze blows across the water. This scent is sure to be popular in the cooler months as well as a heavy-hitter for summer use. The fragrance is created in-house by Zachary and has just a kiss of menthol for added refreshment. The scent notes include Cypress, Fir, Oakmoss, Balsam, Sage, Eucalyptus, Blue Spruce, White Birch, Mint, and Sweet Osmanthus over an Aquatic Accord.

The soap is handmade from scratch using only the finest quality ingredients like natural plant oils, locally sourced tallow (rendered in-house), exotic butters, local essential oils, and premium fragrances. Made only in small batches, each 170g bowl is meant to be enjoyed over and over again as you start your day with the ritual of shaving. The soap formulation is incredibly slick and will give a close and comfortable shave. It features a moisturizing mix of oils like Palm, Kokum, and Shea Butters that will protect your skin on every pass. The soap is tested only on family and friends.

Astoria is a tribute to the history and the charm of the Astoria city, which was the first permanent settlement on the West Coast. The city is located on the Northern border of Oregon and is known for the river, the sea, the forest, and its spirit of adventure. The area of the Pacific Northwest is surrounded by evergreen trees, and the anticipation of adventure awaits you.

  • 170gr
  • Made in USA