Moon Bixby Shaving Soap

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Bixby is a handcrafted artisan shaving soap by Moon Soaps, inspired by the stunning Bixby Bridge on the scenic Highway 1 near Big Sur, California. This soap captures the essence and the beauty of the bridge and the foggy coastline with a complex blend of fragrances, including black tea, tonka, smoked vanilla bean, black volcanic sea salt, coastal driftwood, black pepper, Italian bergamot, jasmine, green apple, and musk.

Bixby shaving soap is a refreshing and intriguing scent that you can enjoy anytime of the year. Bixby also features a unique formulation with tallow, kokum butter, shea butter, and mango butter, which provides excellent lubrication, hydration, and protection for your skin while shaving.

The label artwork has a distressed 1930s feel, with arcs and curves that reflect the bridge’s design. Moons soaps are  handmade from scratch with natural ingredients and premium fragrances.

  • 170gr
  • Made in USA