Muhle Replacement Head R41 OC

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Muhle R41 complete razor replacement head consisting of tooth comb (open comb) bottom plate and top plate.


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    The Beast

    Posted by Guest Reviewer on 22nd Oct 2022

    Yeah, this really is a serious razor. I got this and stuck it on an r89 handle, thinking I was the man. Took a while to realize that all that upset skin was not necessary :) Great shaver, but only use if it's working well for you, if not, better (milder) shavers out there.

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    Very close and soft

    Posted by Dmitry on 15th Aug 2020

    Very close shaving with R41 head. Perfect addition to my Muhle R89. It gave me what I had been missing in the shaving process for so long.

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    Appears to be exactly like my original...

    Posted by DrewChubbs on 10th Aug 2018

    I have not taken the opportunity to use this replacement head during a shave yet. However, in comparing it visually next to my fairly new original head, it appears to be exactly like the original. I will try this head on the original Muhle handle first, and then I will try it on a few other handles I have at my disposal. My big interest in this is to have an R41 shave when I'm on the road, without having to risk losing or damaging my existing R41. The R41 simply gives the best shave, time and time again, for my face. I've got hundreds of dollars of razors that, while they're great, are no longer getting much use.

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    a must

    Posted by Raz Orblade on 4th Mar 2018

    I use this with the edwin jagger handle so, I guess I have a Muhlwin

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    Step up from Jagger DE89 Closed Head

    Posted by pob on 5th Jan 2017

    Trying to improve my shave from a Jagger DE89 closed head using Personna Platinum Chrome blades. Muhle R41 Open head screwed straight onto E Jagger DE89 handle (same company?). Thought by going to an open head, I might get a better result. First few days needed a re-learn on technique, with major amount of nicks as I tried to shave as before. I slight tilt of the razor head & I started getting much better results, fewer chin & nose nicks/slices. Much closer/smoother shave. V happy with it.

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    Simply the best shave

    Posted by Raphaël SJ on 27th Nov 2016

    R41 provide a very close shave. It is an aggressive razor yet if you respect it enough it will give you the best possible shave. The head can be use with most handles. Tried it on a Parker 24c and on Edwin Jagger de86 and both mix gave me fantastic shave.

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    Posted by Don on 22nd Nov 2016

    Best head that's out there. 5 stars

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    Best head ever

    Posted by Matthew on 27th Jun 2016

    This is by far the best razor head i have used to date. The overall aggressiveness is perfect. This head is well engineered to perfection. I recommend buying two. One for now and one for just in case moments. For the price its worth it to buy two. Paired with the proper blade to your liking i can get a two pass perfect shave.

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    Great head

    Posted by Andy on 3rd May 2016

    I ordered it as second head for my Muhle R89, but now I think it will become my first head. It is a bit more aggressive than R89, provides a smoother shave . Give this razor the respect it deserves and you won't be disappointed.