Semogue 1800 Shaving Brush

Semogue 1800
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Semogue's 1800 shaving brush contains a premium boar bristle knot. This is a very classic and unique brush handmade in Portugal. These brushes gently exfoliate the skin when applying a soap or cream of your choice and gradually soften after a couple of uses. We are very pleased with these brushes performance and they are highly recommended.

The features of the Semogue 1800 include:

  • Premium Boar bristle
  • Decorative band
  • Unique Semogue Portuguese Oak Handle
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Knot 22mm
  • Loft 55mm
  • Handle 53mm



  • 4
    Keeps getting better

    Posted by Kevin on 23rd Nov 2015

    Ultimate brush for hard soaps. Its much easier to lather hard soaps then my silver tip brush. The brush has good backbone but isn't harsh at all. (i find my silver tip more scrubby when face lathering)

  • 4
    Ergonomically sound and lathers up a storm

    Posted by Mark on 5th Feb 2014

    The 1800 is the second boar brush in my arsenal and it's one of my favorite brushes. It was very quick to break in and is in my weekly rotation of brushes. I just love the ease with which it lathers up cream either in a mug or on the face, and provides more than enough quality lather for 3 passes at least. Definitely one to keep and it gets regular use.

  • 5
    my favorite brush

    Posted by stanthony on 22nd Sep 2013

    I have a wee scot a Semogue 1470 and a 620 and I can honestly say that this brush out performs them all. Lathers up a Speick soap stick in seconds.

  • 5
    Surprisingly Good

    Posted by Neville The Saracen on 22nd Sep 2013

    I have been using this brush alongside a Semogue Owners Clubs 2 band silvertip that somebody with more money than me bought me for my birthday. Both are superlatively good, and if the latter is better than the former it isn't by a margin of anything like as much as £50. The 1800 lathers soap as quickly and almost as thoroughly. It applies it to the face as well as its tasty brother it is a bargain.